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Diversifying the Playbill

Our Mission

tutti embodies a commitment to historically marginalized people who have been routinely denied opportunities in the arts. We demonstrate the inherent value of these individuals and groups by creating explicitly welcoming learning spaces for people to participate in the creative process, activities, decisions, and policy making in a way that shares power. 


We aim to identify and remedy social policies and institutional practices that advantage some groups at the expense of others. And we further our commitment to fostering a community that reflects the diversity of our world. 


Our Vision:

To help diversify music departments and pit orchestras by offering real-life, on the job mentorship to promising artists who are underrepresented. This program will become a pipeline for artistic professionals of color to secure positions in the field. 

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"Tia Allen came to visit me at my Candlelight “Femme Power” concert with Lotus Chamber Music Collective! She even came with us to get drinks afterwards. It was so amazing to have her come and to get to play for her! She is always so encouraging. It has been my honor to get to meet with her more through this amazing program and opportunity!!"

Carolina Diaz Chen

Creative Exchange Participant

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