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Bringing change from within

Creative Exchange

Music Director Observership

Community Events

Band Practice

Connecting professionals to deepen relationships

Creative exchanges will take place between Broadway artists and active professional artists looking to make a connection to the Broadway artistic network. The purpose of these creative exchanges will be to learn from each other through conversation, playing together, interviewing, etc. to strengthen, and build relationships between the two musicians. (Age requirement: 21+)

Most sessions will take place virtually.

Classmates in the Library

Real-life, on the job experiences

This program is aimed at aspiring music team members (music assistants, music directors, rehearsal pianists, etc.) wanting to advance their career in the industry and observe the process of building new works. Applicants would have the opportunity to experience the process of a variety of virtual projects alongside the Music Director including readings, workshops, concert production and recording sessions depending on the specific project and schedule they are matched with.


Applicants should have some experience in music directing, working with ensembles, or being a part of a music team

(Age requirement: 21+) 


Most sessions will take place virtually.



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Important discussions within the community

We will hold space for important discussions and events which help identify practices that could further DEI efforts within our community. 
Events may include talks, workshops, networking events. 

Coming Soon!
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