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Creative Exchange

Connecting professionals to deepen relationships

Band Practice

Creative exchanges will take place between Broadway artists and active professional artists looking to make a connection to the Broadway artistic network. The purpose of these creative exchanges will be to learn from each other through conversation, playing together, interviewing, etc. to strengthen, and build relationships between the two musicians. (Age requirement: 21+)

Most sessions will take place virtually.








Participating Artists:

  • Tia Allen (viola/violin, Jagged Little Pill)

  • Gregory Riley (woodwinds, Frozen)

  • Dave Roth (percussion, King KongCats)

  • Jake Goldbas (drums, Dear Evan Hansen)

  • Tomoko Akaboshi (violin/contractor, A Strange LoopAmazing Grace)

  • George Farmer (bass, Ain't Too Proud, Fun Home)

Tia Allen

Gregory Riley



Jake Goldbas



Dave Roth


Tomoko Akaboshi



George Farmer


"tutti’s Creative Exchange Program afforded me the incredible opportunity to meet and talk with Greg Riley, one of the most accomplished saxophone & woodwind practitioners on the Broadway scene today.


Greg was ridiculously generous with his time and unassuming wisdom - It was so deeply rewarding to hear his perspectives on woodwind equipment choices and pedagogy applied to the settings and environments he’s had to work in. What made the conversations even more impactful was Greg’s acknowledgment of the ongoing lack of diversity in Broadway & intersecting scenes, sharing his own experiences with a candor that further deepened my respect for his professional journey.  


The time spent with him felt almost like a career coaching session but instead of Greg imposing his own opinions, he would share perspectives, then in genuine curiosity ask for my own which allowed me, in rumination, to find equivalences in my own career and future placement in the scene. Greg’s encouragement to continue to do the hard work yet retain a sense of self, musically and otherwise was a great encouragement and has cemented my resolve to be as courageous as he has been."

David Bertrand

Creative Exchange Participant

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